Since 1872 in Galata, Beyoğlu Saint George Austria Private Hospital has been serving the citizens of 56 different countries as well as Turkey mostly. We offer years of experience and confidence in 10 different languages ​​including German, Russian, English, Arabic and French.

In the cholera epidemic, the story of Saint George Austrian Hospital was started in 1872 Galata Tower, Istanbul with the treatment of patients by two sisters coming from City of Graz, Austria. The story is still continuing with the caring and friendly treatment approach.

In 1893, this institution had Turkey's first Children's Clinic with the help of a doctor from Istanbul. The institution was tuerned to a hospital afetr adding Opthalmology Clinic and Polyclinic. At the same period, the hospital owned a meal center under the control of sisters.

Until 1914, an international committee with the Ottoman Sultan and the Emperor of Austria took care of the hospital's care and repair and development. This institution, which houses the Internal Diseases, Surgery, and Ear Nose Throat, has continued its uninterrupted hospital services with the additional building built in 1927.

Till Republic Period, aint George Austrian Hospital continued its services. At 1927 the hospital build additional ward and started to give health service at Pediatrics, Opthalmology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, ENT and Dermatology.

Our hospital, which increased its clinical capacity with the additional building investment it made between 1995 and 2000, today serves with 4 adult and 4 neonatal intensive care units in 13 different branches including internal and surgical services with 48 bed capacity and 3 operating rooms.

You can also feel the warmth and kindness of the sisters called “Schwester" from Austrian and different countries who welcome and guide our patients.

It has made significant contributions to the history of Turkish medicine and has come to the forefront with the involvement of important doctors in the medical books. The hospital witnessing Beyoğlu and Galata's history also provides cultural art services such as photography and painting exhibitions and music concerts.