Hospital Guide


1- Visiting hours are between 10:00 - 21:30.

  • Not receiving more than two visitors in the patient's room,
  • Visits should not exceed 15 minutes,
  • Children under 12 years of age are not taken into the patient's room for their own health,
  • No food from outside at patient's room
  • No live flower pots in patient rooms,
  • Please note that there is no electric kettle in the rooms in terms of fire hazard.

2- In order to protect the health of our patients, visitors and hospital employees were allowed to smoke in designated areas outside the hospital.

3- Mobile phones should not be used in areas of medical equipment is present.

4-  If visitors and companion are prohibited by your doctor to protect your health, please comply to this instruction.

Food & Beverage Services:

Our cafeteria is open between 08:00 and 18:00. You can host your guests in our cafeteria and benefit from the variety of products.

Our Discharge Information:

According to the treatment to be applied to all patients coming to our hospital, the fee is taken before hospitalization.

Your doctor can request additional treatment or examination to help  you recover faster. Patient administration unit will give you information about pricing.  reception unit. At prolonged treatments, additiona payments may be therefore required at certain intervals.

Our doctor will tell you whether you will be discharged during the day latest during the morning. You can pay by cash or credit card.

We can keep you waiting for a while because you will get confirmation from your institution. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience. Please evacuate your room before 12:30 to avoid full-time charges.

Discharge procedures will be terminated in approximately one to two hours.


Before Discharged:

Since you are trained in what you are going to do when you go home, you understand the detailed information about all the medicines you will be using, and if you have a comtrol appointment, make sure that all the procedures related to your appointment are made.

Please make sure that you arrive at your check-in date and time.

Ask for a phone number to call when you need it.

In order to provide you a higher quality service, please fill out the questionnaire and submit it to the Patient Administration Manager. You can also use the wishes boxes on the Service Floors.



On the day you arrive at our hospital, you will be welcomed by the patient admissions officer. You should bring with you the following:

  • Your T.C. ID Card or Passport
  • Your health insurance card,
  • Your referral card or health card
  • If your doctor has requested your medical records, X-rays or previous examination results
  • Your special items to make you comfortable
  • List of all medicinal and herbal medicines you use.


When you come to our hospital, our patient admissions consultant will meet you and check all your credentials and your appointment.  Your service nurse will give you a suitable color bracelet with your name on it. Please do not remove this bracelet till you are discharged.

All of medical and administrative staff will carry ID cards with their name, picture and department information. and written  to help you identify the medical and administrative team involved.

If a person who does not have an identity card is interested in you, please ask who he is and what his job is for your safety.


All patient rooms of our hospital are renovated for your comfort and have the highest hygiene conditions. After your accepted to hospital, the service nurse will show you how to use the items in your room and in your room. There is a nurse call bell in your bedside for you to communicate with the nurse in case of emergency. Your bed can be adjusted to your comfort. There is a wireless internet connection in the patient rooms, which you can obtain from the service nurses. Rooms have air conditioning system. Please inform your service nurse for setting your air conditioner. In our rooms, we take care not to keep food in terms of infection control and safety. We can use your refrigerator for your drinks. If you don't have a special diet, you can order from our cafeteria which is open between 08:00 and 18:00.

Do not keep food in your room for infection control and safety.


When you go to your room following your admission procedures, you will be delivered to your room and room phone will be shown by the floor attendant. When you want to talk in the hospital, simply dial the extension numbers on the 'Important Phones' brochure on the last page of the booklet or in your room.


We recommend that you bring only the necessary and important items to the hospital. If you leave your room for a while, ask the service nurse to lock your room.

Do not forget dentures or hearing aids in the food tray or in the water cups or don't leave them wrapped with any paper.

You can use the closets in your room for your personal belongings.


All your records are stored on computer. Your records are strictly confidential. The security and confidentiality of your records are very important to us.


During your stay in our hospital, all employees responsible for you will introduce themselves to you. You can ask any questions you want to be answered regarding your treatment and care and you may want them to contribute to your care.

All  staff including doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian and administrative staff will work together to facilitate a relaxed stay in our hospital.


Our qualified and specialist doctors will be interested in your treatment through nurses. If the doctor in charge of your admission requests one or more doctors may be involved with your treatment.


Nurses are an important link between you, your relatives and your doctor. They help you communicate your needs, understand your treatment, and speed up your healing process. Their most important tasks are to note important symptoms, to provide personal hygiene, to control your pain and to educate you on how to protect your health.


Pharmacists, doctors and nurses together are the professionals trying to get the best results from all the medicines and treatments. Even if you are not personally acquainted with our hospital pharmacists, they are an active and important part of our team. They prepare medicines using the latest technology and closely monitor your treatment to avoid allergies and possible drug and food interactions and side effects.


In our hospital, we have an expert dietitian who works in close relationship with doctors and nurses.

If you are on a special diet or if you have a menu request, please speak to your nurse.
Please follow the diet plan your doctor has given and warn your visitors not to bring food outside for your health.

Food Service Hours:

Breakfast service: 07:30 - 08:30
Lunch service: 12: 00-13: 00
Evening service: from 17:00 to 18:00

Cleaning Hours

Housekeeping will be in your room three times, at 08.00-09.30-14.30-15.00- 23.00 hours to clean your room.


Secure Medicine Usage

Please deliver any medicine you use and bring by advising your doctor and nurse. For your secure medicine usage, these medicines must be approved by the doctor and the pharmacist.

Participation in the Treatment and Care Plan

Your participation to your treatment and care plan is important for us since you follow the procedures. For this reason;

  • Talk to your nurse and doctor about your treatment and care.
  • Make sure you understand your treatment.
  • Ask your doctor to explain what will happen if you have an operation.
  • If you have pain, talk to your nurse and doctor. They will carry out the necessary prosedures.

Information and Consent:

Detailed consent forms are prepared for the risky procedures to be applied to polyclinic and clinical patients in our hospital. At the consent forms; who will perform the procedure, the consequences of the procedure, the expected benefits of the procedure, the consequences of the inability to perform the procedure, the alternatives of the procedure if any, the risks and complications of the procedure, if any are stated. In addition, the name, title and signature of the doctor who will carry out the procedure and the date and time of the transaction are recorded.

On the consent, the patient / guardian / legal representative is asked to write "I read, understand and agree" and sign the form with his own handwriting.

You have the right to refuse and discontinue any transaction that you sign the consent. When your refuse the treatment, on the consent from refusal section, the patient / guardian / legal representative is asked to write "I read, understand and agree" and sign the form with his own handwriting.

Precautions Against Injuries:

Your alignment with your surrounding may be distrubed because of being unfamiliar with our hospital environment or because of the drugs you use. For your own safety, please take the following precautions:

  • If your doctor or nurse warns you not to get up alone, ask for help to get up.
  • Keep your phone, nurse call button, or any special items you need easily close to you.
  • Ask your nurse to bring your bed to a level that can easily go down.
  • If you are allowed to walk without assistance, make sure there is enough light in the walking area.
  • Wear rubber slippers to prevent your foot from slipping. Pay attention to the signs indicating that the floors are wet.
  • If you need to walk with a cane or walker, make sure you use them safely and comfortably.
  • If you are going to have a bath, ask your nurse for help.
  • Consider the recommendations of the medical and administrative staff and the warnings on the walls.

Hand Wash and Infections

Your health care team must wash their hands before and after your examination, if necessary, please remind and warn. Ensure that the healthcare team complies with the instructions given to you and your relatives to avoid the possibility of microbial contamination.

and you wash your hands for 15 seconds with sopa and water;

  • Before and after using the toilet
  • After touching dirty items
  • Before and after dinner
  • Before and after touching the dressing area

Make sure to keep the tube, needle and dressing clean and dry if you have. Please inform your nurse / doctor about pain, redness, discharge, dressing and deterioration.

During this period, please ask the people to visit you later.

Depending on the type of infection, the use of masks, gloves, gowns or even visitors may be required to protect other hospitalized patients and staff. In such cases, your doctor and nurse will inform you of the measures to be taken.


Our hospital security services work for your peace of mind and comfort. Please inform the service nurse if you have a discomfort and problem.

Place of Worship

In order to help you fulfill your religious duties, our place of worship has been offered to you.

Cigarette Usage

Smoking is prohibited in all parts of our hospital. Follow this rule for your health and warn your visitors.

  • Smoking is a preventable cause of death.
  • There are about 4000 carcinogenic substances in cigarettes.
  • Smoking outside cancer; bronchitis, asthma, and upper respiratory tract infections.

Your Complaints and Suggestions

We are ready to listen and correct if you have any complaints or suggestions from our hospital or our team. Thank you for sharing your opinions and suggestions about us to review our operation.

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