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Cardiology Department's is to protect the cardiac health of our patients and to diagnose and treat existing heart diseases. Diagnosis and Treatment in Cardiology Department: Cardiovascular Diseases Heart Failure Heart Rhythm Disorders Heart Valve Diseases Aortic Vascular Diseases Hypertension Blood Pressure Imbalances Syncope (Fainting) Cardiological examinations in our center: Echocardiography Effort Test Blood Pressure Holter…
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Gynaecology and Obstetrics

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is managed by two specialists with a team of newborn baby nurses and birth midwives. In our woman - birth department, all the diagnostic and treatment methods required by modern medicine are applied. Normal and risky pregnancies in our delivery department are monitored from the beginning of pregnancy and…
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Kidney Stone Therapy

What is Urinary Stone Disease (Urolithiasis)? In our country, urinary tract stone disease (urolithiasis) is seen frequently due to geographical, genetic and nutritional habits of our society. Approximately every ten people in one period of his life stone occurs. Men form stones 3 times more often than women. This difference is now decreasing due to…
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