Ear Nose and Throat

Ear Nose and Throat

In our hospital, outpatients in all age groups are diagnosed and treated by ENT specialist. Endoscopic imaging is used in outpatient examination and more accurate diagnosis and treatment facilities are provided.

At ENT polyclinic;

  • All infectious diseases entering the ENT area
  • Hearing, speech, balance disorders
  • Allergic disorders of the upper respiratory tract
  • Tumoral formations in head and neck
  • Sound diseases
  • Salivary gland diseases
  • The aesthetic and functional problems in the nose are successfully treated.

In our hospital, surgeries are performed in our modern operating rooms with the support of advanced technology. At ENT Department,

  • Tonsil,
  • Genetic meat operations,
  • Ear tube fitting,
  • Surgical removal of congenital or later masses of head and neck
  • Surgical treatment of language and oral diseases,
  • Diagnosis and surgical treatment of good and bad tumoral diseases of vocal cords,
  • Correction of problems causing breathing difficulties from the nose,
    Surgical treatment of chronic middle ear infections and holes in the eardrum

surgeries are done safely by our experienced doctors and also the defects in the external appearance of the nose are corrected by aesthetic surgery techniques.

Chronic sinusitis and nasal polyp operations are performed using FESS method and advanced technology endoscopic systems.

In addition to the classical surgical techniques, the treatment of snoring which causes serious physiological and social problems is carried out with radio frequency surgery which is tolerated more easily for the patient and the results are satisfactory.