Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Diseases diagnosed and treated in the Internal Medicine Department of the Austrian Hospital:

  • Respiratory System Diseases
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Digestive System
  • Stomach and Intestinal Diseases
  • Liver Diseases
  • Gallbladder and Pancreatic Diseases
  • Renal Diseases
  • Heart Diseases
  • Heart Failure
  • Heart Rhythm Disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Blood Pressure Imbalances
  • Hormone Disorders
  • Thyroid Diseases
  • Blood Diseases
  • Rheumatic Diseases
  • Diagnosis of Diabetes and Complications

The internal diseases department carries out consultations, pre-operative preparations and interventions of the patients who are hospitalized if necessary.

The internal medicine unit is the referral and treatment department of all problems from feverish diseases to respiratory system diseases and metabolic diseases.

In all health problems of adults, the first referral center and the solution unit are internal diseases; In addition, methods of protection from diseases, preventive - medicine and check - up programs are applied according to every age, gender and complaint.