With the help of imaging techniques, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases can be done by our radiology department.

Devices Used in Radiology Clinic

Ultrasonography (US) and Doppler

For ultrasound, X-ray is not used. The high frequency sound waves emerge from the mobile part of the device that the human ear cannot hear. These waves are reflected back as they pass through different densities in the body. These reflections are collected by the part called the probe. The image is sent to the computer of the device. Due to its easy and harmless nature, it is frequently used in the visualization of internal organs and in the recognition of diseases.

Digital x-Ray

Without using a film, cassette, memory cassette and reader unit, the patient's x-ray image is displayed directly on the computer screen;

It can be obtained in 2 seconds following the application of X-ray. chest X-ray, bone and joint radiographs, vertebrae radiographs, extremity radiographs, head radiographs and parasitic sinus radiographs may be used.


It is the best and most important technique for early diagnosis of breast cancer. It can diagnose and show breast masses before they become apparent. Mammography is the method by which radiology technician draws films from top to bottom and from outside to inside out using x-rays (radiation) by appropriate position of the breast.

  • Spontaneous nipple discharge
  • Spontaneous withdrawal of the nipple or breast
  • View of orange peel on breast skin

In particular, women over 40 years of age are recommended to have mammography on a regular basis even if they do not have a complaint.